1. The "Lucky Tree" of Lake Superior extends its roots across a chasm for the nutrients it needs to live

Amazing Trees
photo via Proteon

Amazing Trees
photo via DJBlock99

2. This white pine bonsai tree is over 390 years old and survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. It was presented as a gift of peace from Japan for America's Bicentennial.

hiroshima bonsai
photo via nationalgeographic.com


3. Cedars and Sequoias so huge, people used to LIVE in the stumps during the 1800s

photo via thevintagenews

4. The "Tree of 40 Fruit" is an art project where multiple varieties of stone fruits (plums, cherries, apricots) are grafted into a single tree

Amazing Trees
artist Sam Van Aken's rendering of a mature tree

Amazing Trees
"Tree 75" successfully planted in Syracuse, New York


5. This tree devouring a headstone at Nottingham's General Cemetary is METAL AF

Amazing Trees
Amazing Trees
photo credit: Adam Clarke


6. This Encephalartos Woodii tree is from a prehistoric order of plants long thought to be extinct. It cannot reproduce because it only produces male flowers, and every other known tree of its species is just a clone of itself. Earning it the nickname "The World's Loneliest Tree".

Amazing Trees
photo via WNYC


7. "Candelabra Trees" of California were spared from centuries of logging/deforestation because of their erratic, curved trunks

Amazing Trees
photo via SFgate


8. Dublin's "Hungry Tree" has saved you a seat at King's Inn Park

Hungry Tree
photo credit: gezzajax


9. Albino Redwoods lack chlorophyl, but survive by sucking nutrients from fellow trees like a vampire... not sure if I need to call Paul Bunyon, or Buffy.

via NatureTime


10. According to Russian news sources, doctors discovered a young fir tree growing inside a 28 year old man's lung.

via dailymail.co.uk


11.  This tree DGAF about your goddamn fence

Amazing Trees
via mike_pants


12. The Kalaloch Tree Cave Bridge stands astride a cave opening, even though the ground beneath it had collapsed

Amazing Trees
photo via vxqz

Amazing Trees
photo credit Black.dots