Listen, just take 3 minutes of your day and watch this animated short by Jacob Frey, titled "The Present."

Watch the whole thing - it's not at all what it appears to be. For real. Just trust us.

At first, it appears it's about a stereotypical crummy kid who's too into violent videogames to help his mom carry a box.

At first, it appears the kid's just grossed out by the three-legged puppy and hates it because it's imperfect.

...but the last 20 seconds or so will rip your cynical heart out and make you re-evaluate everything you thought at first. The kid physically CAN'T help him mom carry that box due to his crutches. The kid hates the puppy because it reminds him of himself, and brings up his own disappointment in his lot in life and self-loathing. But, ultimately, the incorrigible, sweet, full-of-life puppy wins him over.


The lesson of the short? Puppies fix everything.

And the short (based on the comic by Fabio Coala) was so good and moving that its creators - Jacob Frey (director, writer, animator, and a few other jobs) and Markus Kranzler (who handled shading, lighting, and rendering) were offered jobs at Disney Animation and Pixar, respectively.