1. You can see the exact moment her reality shatters

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2. Now you can enjoy all the coolness of guns, without all those "guns"

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3. 4 Vive controllers = Full-on Kaiju Simulator

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4. HTC will send your Steam controllers in this... UNFORTUNATELY SHAPED box.


5. Who's that Pokemon!?

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6. A life-changing discovery is made in "Job Simulator"



7. If they made Family Guy in VR, I might actually watch it again for the first time since 2011

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8. This game is so real, you might forget that floors exist

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9. That moment when you finally got your headset in the mail, but you have exams tomorrow

HTC Vive Math
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10. Note to self: "Virtual Walls DOES NOT EQUAL REAL WALLS"

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11. When you want to game, but the Doctor says if you don't get sunlight you'll die of rickets

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12. Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit floor!

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