SPOILER WARNING! If you're not up to date on Season 6, don't read this.

5. Loras

Game of Thrones Characters Who Will Definitely Die This Season

Remember Ser Loras? He's Margaery's brother, and the two Tyrell siblings are super close -- close as in "Margaery tried to get her first husband Renly to have sex with Loras" close. This places them somewhere between the Starks and the Lannisters in terms of healthy family dynamics.

Ser Loras has been a constant minor character throughout the series, fighting the Mountain and preparing for an even bloodier battle: marrying Cersei.


Last season, the Faith of the Seven's court convicted him of "breaking the laws of Gods and men" (aka having hot sex with hot dudes) and imprisoned him. He has been in prison ever since. With a showdown between the High Sparrow and the Lannisters imminent, Ser Loras's death seems like an obvious choice for the inciting incident in this religious and political conflict.

And relevant tidbit from outside Westeros: Finn Jones, the actor who plays Loras, was cast as Iron Fist in the Netflix Marvel show, The Defenders. This means he probably can't spend most of his time in Belfast anymore because he'll be in the sprawling metropolis known as Hell's Kitchen.

4. Davos

The Onion Knight has had an impressive record as the One For Real Good Guy on this show, besides Ned and Robb Stark -- and look what happened to them. We suspect that he might not be long for this world.

I mean, what is his purpose anymore? He lost Matthos, his beloved son. He lost Shireen, his surrogate daughter/slightly incompetent reading tutor.

Game of Thrones Characters Who Will Definitely Die This Season

This season, it seemed the sole reason he existed was to persuade Melisandre to revive Jon Snow. Now that he has accomplished this, we don't know what else he's hanging around for.

The show dropped a couple hints about a battle at Castle Black (more on that later). This seems like a perfect opportunity for Davos to die an honorable, tear-provoking death.

3. Tommen

Game of Thrones Characters Who Will Definitely Die This Season

The prophecy Cersei received when she was a child has a perfect batting record so why doubt it now? If you forgot the prophecy, here it is:

Cersei married the king, but she didn't have his children. She gave birth to her own niece and nephews. Then, she lost her first two children, Joffrey and Myrcella, and buried them in their "golden shrouds." It's only a matter of time before she loses her third child.

There are two major threats to Tommen's life: the creepy, kill-y Faith Militant and his equally creepy, kill-y mother whose mental health is as frayed as her haircut.

We'll be okay as long as Ser Pounce survives.

Game of Thrones Characters Who Will Definitely Die This Season

2. Ramsay

Ramsay is Joffrey 2.0. He has become so thoroughly contemptible that he must die as gruesome death. The Gods (audience members) demand it.

Also, he announced his plans to attack Castle Black last episode. Before Episode 2, we would have thought Ramsay could continue a comfortable life of sadism in Winterfell, but noooo, he's gotta take a trip up North. This is unwise. You know nothing, Ramsay Snow.

Now that Jon Snow is back, we suspect it would be delicious justice if he murdered the man who tortured his family members.

Game of Thrones Characters Who Will Definitely Die This Season

There can only be one Snow.

1. Ollie

Because fuck Ollie.