1. This man leads a one-person crusade against wardrobe malfunctions

everyday heroes
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2. He didn't choose the backpack life, the backpack life chose HIM

wine backpack hero
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3. This guy who had all his priorities in order

everyday heroes
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4. Another man who refuses to let a good thing go to waste

everyday heroes
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5. Whoever is in charge of this struggling movie theater knows how to treat their employees

gta v movie theater screen
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6. The selfless genius who brought a surge protector with them to the Airport

surge protector airport
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7. This man who would do anything for wine, regardless of vintage


8. This gamer telling his TOTALLY true story of FIFA and brotherhood

everyday heroes
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9. They said no man could hold 47 pizzas. He proved them wrong

pizza pizza
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10. This officer saving us all

minion gets arrested
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11. This man who hates traffic tickets more than sitting in dirt

everyday heroes
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12. This very staunch believer in monogamy

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13. A teacher we all need, not the one we deserve

The thing is the thing
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14. One brave woman who lived the Ultimate Fantasy 

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