A new company called "VOPPAI" (portmanteau of "voice" and the Japanese word for boobies, "oppai") has made a bold/skeevy advancement in mousepad technology. The busty characters will respond to the massages, gropes, and rubs of the user depending on the location and pressure on their silicone assets.

The company posted this video of the prototype in action:

Besides the character featured above, they also plan on producing THIS dubiously licensed Hooters employee:

According to RocketNews24, the cries and moans can be translated as:

"When you rub them gently, I get shivers."
"Are you kind enough to like my boobs?"
"I...want to squeeze something between them, right here."

Now here's the main thing, this isn't the first "oppai" mousepad we've seen before. In fact, their presence in otaku culture is as ubiquitous as those giant body pillows, they're pretty much a running gag at this point:

 A Japanese Talking Mousepad With Life-Like Fondling Technology!

But once you add a speaker and touch controls, it's now effectively USELESS as a mousepad! The veneer of utility is gone! Now you just have the world's worst fembot. It's like the team at VOPPAI made no considerations for professionals who needed a nice soft wrist-rest to alleviate repetitive strain injuries while working on the computer!

Frankly Japan, I'm disappointed.