The original Star Wars trilogy holds a very special place in the hearts of many nerds - not only was it a lot of people's first exposure to real cool spaceship fights and laser-sword battles, but the drama at the core of the story is epic and Shakespearean in scope. A lot of the beauty of those first three movies lie in the fact that so much is implied and hinted at, but unseen - the flinch in Obi-Wan when he's asked about how Luke's father died, the sadness in Vader's (unmoving) mask as he watches the Emperor prepare to murder his child, and the history that brought all the characters to this point.

And what makes it all even better is how nicely the trilogy ties everything together - Luke's journey in coming to terms with the truth about his family, the Rebellion's struggle against the almighty Empire, and Darth Vader rediscovering the last shred of goodness within him. All of this is brought magnificently to the forefront in this insanely well-edited trailer by Medley Weaver, who links all three of the OT movies as though they were a single piece of cinematic work:

The only real criticism you can have for that trailer is - WHY IS THERE NO STAR WARS MUSIC IN IT? ONE OF THE GREATEST, MOST ICONIC SCORES OF ALL-TIME?!

Otherwise, nicely done.