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Well, this is the best news we've heard all week. 

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jon Bernthal WILL be reprising his portrayal of The Punisher in his own series. Spinning off from his breakout performance in Season 2 of Daredevil. The show will be headed up by Executive Producer Steven Lightfoot, whose previous work on Hannibal proves that there will be plenty of beautiful, bloody, operatic carnage to be expected in the final product.

Netflix and Marvel are said to be making the official announcement later today.

Here is the first promo image that's making the rounds:

Lock and Load The Punisher is Getting A Netflix SpinOff Series

The Punisher has a TON of amazing stories and characters to draw from, but we're hoping above hope to get live-action versions of great moments like this:

comic via valeriedorazio.com