1. Phoenix and Cyclops by Kiki Cosplay and Sinfonie Cosplay

 This makes that Logan-Scott-Jean love triangle WAY more interesting.

the best x-men cosplays ever
photo credit: David Ngo

2. Wolverine (Movie Version) by Wolverine T78A sosie

To cosplay as Wolverine, you can look like Hugh Jackman...

wolverine cosplay
photo credit: Pierre Zanetti


3. Wolverine (Comics Version) by Jonathan Carroll

...OR you can look like a Huge, Jacked, Man.

photo credit: David Ngo


4. First Class Trio by KellyJane, Darman, and Handsome Jack

Nobody wanted to cosplay as an overacting Kevin Bacon? That's fair.

the best x-men cosplays ever


5. Beast by E' Toro Bolados

As good as the real McCoy.

the best x-men cosplays ever
photo credit: Elkhan Art & Photography


6. Cable and Bishop by James T Wulfgar and Alexander Nyx

The future is grim, and manlier than a lumberjack's breakfast.

bishop cable xmen
photo credit: Ming H Photography


7. Colossus by Cendrillon Cosplay

The most popular former Communist in the Marvel Universe.

colossus swimsuit  
photo credit: Photosnxs


8. Nightcrawler by (cosplayer unknown)

The original BAMF!

nightcrawler hello


9. Jubilee by Vanessa Wedge Model

Avril Levigne + A fireworks warehouse + The '90s = Jubilation Lee

the best x-men cosplays ever
photo credit: glencophotography.ca


10. Apocalypse by Cinema Makeup School

It is still the funniest thing to me when this immortal Egyptian demigod still puts a big blue "A" on his chest.

the best x-men cosplays ever
photo credit: Trevor Toma


11. Juggernaut (Classic) by (cosplayer unknown)

"Don't you know who the f*ck I am!?"

juggernaut giant costume
photo credit: Kordite


12. Iceman by Flash Fletch

Like Bobby Drake, I also peaked in 2003.

iceman bobby drake
via Kendall Whitehouse


13. Storm (Comics) by Akwa Cosplay

Storm brought back that "no pupils" look, and rocks it to this day. 

storm xmen comics
photo credit: Lucas Ambrosio Photography


14. Storm (Movies) by BlackKrystel

Ororo Munroe went Hollywood.

the best x-men cosplays ever
photo credit: JokersHarley


15. Magneto by Paul Moore

I would watch this guy hunt Nazis for half a movie so hard.

the best x-men cosplays ever