DLC (Downloadable Content) is, at its core, actually a really great idea: after completion of the full game, the developers can add content to extend the playability, while gamers pay to get the content. It's win-win. Except it never works out that way, and usually the content is worthless, overpriced, or something that should have been a feature to begin with. These are 8 of the most awful paid DLC in videogame history.

8. Street Fighter III: Third Strike - Color Packs

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

Capcom is a notorious repeat offender of bad, terrible, no-good DLC, but the Color Packs for Street Fighter III: Third Strike are something special. For a few dollars, you can get additional costumes for your characters! Wait, no, I mean additional colors for their existing costumes. Yep, the aptly named Color Packs did nothing but give you the option to change the color of your fighter (and for Chun-Li, most of those colors were "adding black somewhere").

But wait! There's less! Your online opponents wouldn't even be able to see the colors you paid so much for if they too didn't have the DLC. So if you were trying to impress someone with a show of your variety of colors, they wouldn't even know about it. May god have mercy on your soul if that was a problem you ran into.

7. Battlefield 3 - Ultimate Shortcut Bundle

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

DLC has somehow found a way to get more degrading and insulting over the years, and here's the latest evidence: The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle for Battlefield 3. What it does, essentially, is give you pretty much everything you would earn in the game, had you, ya know, actually played it for a while. But who has time to play a game? "When I buy a game, I want to pay extra money so I don't have to play it much!" thought everyone who paid for this.

The problem is two-fold: the people who actually legitimately spent a great deal of time to get all of the upgrades and weapons felt their achievements had been cheapened by the feature, and the people who paid for it a) are actual human beings who spent actual money they probably worked for at actual jobs to get this, and b) supported the idea that this is something that should be the norm. I can't wait for the day I'm able to buy a game, pay an extra $10, and skip right to the credits immediately.

6. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - Horse Armor

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

Oblivion was an enormous game filled to the brim with great content - but something was missing that would make the experience truly complete: horse armor. Before, your poor horses were naked. Naked! Can you believe that? Who ever heard of a naked horse?

The answer, of course, was "everyone, are you insane?" No one cared - or probably even considered - that their horses were nude and defenseless. Because they're horses. The inclusion of horse armor is fine in and of itself, but the idea of actually having to pay extra money for such a simple, useless item is horrible, although at least there'll be less fodder for the Tamriel glue merchant.

5. Madden 2010 - Elite Status

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

There is a certain type of gamer who will buy only one game per year - that year's Madden. Someone thought that these innocent, delicate flowers weren't aware of the creeping intrusion of unnecessary DLC into the world of videogames, so used it as a testing ground for a wild array of rip-off DLC purchases, but the one truly terrible piece of DLC was something called "Elite Status."

"Elite Status" was a new difficulty level. That's it. That was all it was. It was "Hard Mode" for online play - except you had to pay extra money for it. In a few years, if you want to pause a game, you'll need to buy "Game Pause Pro" DLC (only 500 Microsoft points!), mark my words.

4. Beautiful Katamari - Extra Levels

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

Beautiful Katamari was an early example of a particular kind of DLC offensiveness: for a few dollars each, you could play an additional 4 levels that were already on the disc. Nothing to download, just unlocking something that was already there when you bought the game. It's like buying a sandwich and being told if you can add lettuce for a few dollars, when the lettuce is sitting in a plastic baggy in the sandwich already. If Subway has more decent business practices than you, there's a problem.

While other games have done this (Mass Effect 3 is suspected of this, in case you forgot one of the many reasons the internet hates it), they at least usually have somewhat decent content there to unlock. Beautiful Katamari's extra levels were nothing to talk about. Not sure why it would be so tough to make levels that follow "a bunch of crap to pick up" model well, but here we are.

3. Anything for Your XBOX Live/Playstation Home Avatar

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

No way - are you telling me you have the OFFICIAL N7 armor on your Live avatar? Wow - now the world know that you are wildly irresponsible with money AND that you think playing dress-up with a bunch of virtual polygons is a worthwhile pursuit.

2. The Saboteur - The Midnight Show

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

This might not be the worst offender on the list, but it's definitely the most disturbing: "The Midnight Show" puts nudity in the game. That's (mostly) it. There are strippers in the Belle de Nuit ('Beautiful Night') club that are normally covered in tops and pasties, and this DLC removes that. So, in essence, you're paying for less content. There were definitely people who were a-okay with it (who had apparently never heard of "the internet" and "more pornography than you could watch if you dedicated the rest of your life to watching internet pornography available for free"), but it's just smacked of creepiness. If you're going to include it as an option, that's fine. It's still super creepy, but it's fine. But to make people pay for the privilege to see videogame nudity? They would need to include a shower DLC, to wash away the shame of buying "The Midnight Show."

1. Railworks: Train Simulator 2012 - Everything

8 Times Videogame DLC Was Downright Insulting

If you want to buy the complete DLC for Railworks: Train Simulator 2012 - remember, a train simulator - it's going to cost you over a thousand dollars. Yes, dollars. US Dollars. Let that sink in. While, I've never played it, I'm sure Railworks is a fine train simulator - maybe the best train simulator ever. Hell, it may have been the greatest game ever - that does not excuse over a grand of DLC.

Plus, they didn't even include nude trains.