1. Tons of names all over the highway scene

deadpool highway

Right out of the gate, Deadpool repeatedly smacks you about the eyes and face with a smorgasbord of in-jokes. The highway action scene probably averages an easter egg every 20 seconds, but here's what we caught. 

The most obvious one comes a few seconds into the movie; the "Rob L." written on the side of the coffee cup is less likely from the only barista in the world who cares about last names and more of a reference to Rob Liefeld, co-creator of Deadpool

rob liefeld

That's Liefeld on the far right, with the same goofy smile everyone has when they're close enough to smell Ryan Reynolds. 

The bulk of the secrets in this chase, however, come in the form of highway signs that seem to be posted every few feet. Some are a little ambiguous, like the "Miller" exit that could reference director Tim Miller or actor T.J. Miller; same with the "Kelly" sign that could point to fan favorite Deadpool writer Joe Kelly or the film's unit production manager John J. Kelly. Others are a little more obvious.


Starting from the left, the Fort McGuiness exit is for sure a call-out to Ed McGuinness, a classic Deadpool illustrator. "Wernick Pkwy" is no doubt a reference to Paul Wernick, one of the screenwriters. The top-right is especially interesting though, since it's unmistakably a tribute to Steve Ditko, a legendary comic book artist known best for co-creating Spider-Man. It's fitting, since Wade Wilson owes a lot of his design to Marvel's resident wall-crawler.

If you thought those were a tad obscure, check out this one.


Don't feel bad if you've never heard of Oyakata -- as far as I can tell, Deadpool's sumo wrestler pal only ever appeared in one issue of the comic (and also a guidebook). Maybe the character meant something special to a member of the production team, or perhaps they just wanted to make a really deep cut for diehard fans.

Believe it or not, but some of the references are even more obscure.


At least a couple of these names are easy to match up. Shaham Rd and Silver Ave point to Tamar Shaham and Scott Aaron Silver, two people who worked on visual effects for the movie. It's prooobably safe to assume that Swagger and Grayson refer to other crew members or friends of the production team, but "Tristan Ave" sticks out as the only first name of the bunch. If everyone's okay with it, I'll go ahead and take credit as the Tristan in this easter egg. Nobody tell me if it's the name of a terminally ill kid and this was his Make-A-Wish.

Of course, some of the signage is easier to decipher than others.

rob liefeld

Rob Liefield gets another name drop here, along with Deadpool's other co-creator/dad Fabian Nicieza. Worth noting is that Rob Liefeld is spelled incorrectly as "Leifeld" in this specific shot; it's comforting to know that even professionals can mkae typos.

Thankfully, I came before E once again during the credits. 

rob liefeld

Say what you want about Deadpool -- guy's got a hell of a way of paying lip service.

2. Deadpool's Vespa

deadpool vespa

There are tons of hidden details in Deadpool's apartment (and we'll get to some of those soon), but there's one that not a ton of folks picked up on. Right before Blind Al trips trying to open the door for Wade, we can see what looks to be part of a red vespa. Hardcore fans might just recognize that old jalopy from the comics:


Wade's stylish scooter has gotten so popular that it's even warranted a deluxe statuette. Maybe if the Deadpoolmobile makes an appearance in a movie sequel, we'll get a decent action figure that doesn't cost 400 god damned dollars.

3. Deadpool's dolls

deadpool doll

Though the vespa is prominently displayed in the duplex, there are tons of much smaller easter eggs scattered throughout the apartment -- and pretty much all of them are shaped like Deadpool. Around the time Wade caresses Al with his baby hand, you can see a ton of these makeshift dolls on the shelf behind the bonding roomies. 

deadpool doll

There's a regular Deadpool action figure, a shotgun shell with a Dead head, a pig painted in red and black, but most exciting is the nod to Dogpool, a canon comic book canine who is exactly the good boy you think he is, yes he is!

Given that it would probably be tough for Al to do so, it seems like Wade is handcrafting these mini-monuments and placing them all over every room. You can see another one when Deadpool pulls the ol' #driveby on his way out the door.


It's tough to see a lot of these on-screen during the movie. Full disclosure: I've been using some high-res publicity stills for the zoom-in shots. Even so, there are still some that you can catch without Photoshop on your next go-round. Pay attention when Deadpool is loading up on guns and you can see this little guy:


The Deadpools are so omnipresent that you start looking for them everywhere. Like this red plushie at the arcade:


Either that's another clever reference to Dogpool or I just really wanna see Dogpool in Deadpool 2. Hopefully those aren't mutually exclusive.

4. Names and faces at the mercenary bar


Anyone who's seen the movie knows that Ryan Reynolds wasn't exaggerating when he stated that there are over 100 different easter eggs and references in Deadpool. Many are front and center, but it's hard to shake the feeling that there are more lurking just beneath the surface. With a visually dense location like the mercenary bar owned by Weasel, you just know there's gotta be some secrets if you dig hard enough. 

We can start with the name of the bar, which is straight out of the comics. 

sister marys

Though it's sometimes called "HELL HOUSE" in the source material, both versions of the hangout are officially named Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls. While that's admittedly more of a faithful adaptation than an easter egg, you only have to step inside to find the real stuff sitting at the bar.

The guy talking to Fat Gandalf as Wade passes by? None other than Rob Liefeld, yet again making sure everyone knows he was the first one to come up with "Spider-Man but with swords." 

But the best part of Sister Margaret's is no doubt the "dead pool" board from which Wade later takes his super-name. 

dead pool board

Being that it's a mercenary bar, it makes a sick sort of sense that the patrons would make a game of watching their friends die. Weasel bet on Wade to die, unaware that he picked the only person that will never, ever pay out. 

But most of the board seems dedicated to betting on the untimely demise of random celebrities. Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus are right up there next to old-timers like Ned Beatty and Arnold Palmer. 

dead pool board

Vladimir Putin, Bill Cosby and Charlie Sheen are all among the hoped-dead. Ryan Reynolds and (god dammit) Rob Liefeld also managed to get their names up on the board. Just about everyone is accounted for except for Stan Lee, who we're all hoping has figured out the secret of immortality by now.