Whether you call it "magic mud" or (my personal favorite) "oobleck", something uncanny happens when you combine 1 part water to 2 parts cornstarch. This Non-Newtonian fluid can flow, pour, and acts just like a liquid until a shearing force is acted upon it. As the starch molecules compact faster than the water around it, the substance becomes as hard as stone. It's that liquid/solid dichotomy that has fascinated children and science geeks for generations.

Here's just SOME of the weird things you can do with it!

1. You can run across it!


2. It can protect an iPad from an 100ft drop.


3. It makes a good filling for homemade stress balls


4. You can shoot bullets at it


5. or you can MAKE bullets out of it


6. You can TRY to swim, but you'll get stuck

7. Create a Horrifying Eldritch Dancing Abomination


8. And of course, you can blow it up!