In the Pokémon universe, humans live alongside magical creatures capable of incredible things, like teleporting, breathing fire and using unnatural healing abilities. Unfortunately, instead of using these powerful monsters to solve the world's problems, their first thought was 'How can we use these things to battle each other?' Despite all their attempts to convince others to the contrary, humans DO use Pokémon as tools of war, but a lot of them could be so much more. Here are just a few examples.

1. Gardevoir is the ultimate bodyguard 


The Pokémon: Gardevoir can see the future. When its owner is in danger, it can sense it in time, and use its psychic powers to protect them, even at the cost of its life.

The Solution: Julius Caesar. Shaka Zulu. Abraham Lincoln. These men are connected by one thing (other than the fact they are all leaders in the Sid Meier's Civilization series, of course).  They were all men of great power and importance who got assassinated. If they had a Gardevoir to protect them, they may have lived to die of old age. They didn't have that luxury, but VIPs in the Pokémon world would be foolish NOT to get some extra protection from psychic creatures that can see assassination attempts in advance.

Gardevoir has a wonderful personality, with admirable traits. It's loyal, selfless, and brave. These qualities are perfect for the tasks of a bodyguard. It's elegant, unassuming looks also help it blend in at social events, adding to its effectiveness. Also, the Pokédex claims it can distort dimensions and create small black holes to protect its master. I don't know how that could help but it sounds rad as hell.

2. Abra could revolutionize delivery


The Pokémon: Abra spends 18 hours sleeping every day, focusing his psychic powers in preparation for its evolved forms. It can teleport its body to safety when attacked, making him quite difficult to catch.

The Solution: In a world where Abra exists, people still use trucks for delivery, as seen in both the games and the anime. That's such a waste. Using Abra's signature Teleport move would be efficient, fast, and convenient. Getting that new vinyl you ordered on Ebay by next day is cool. But getting it within 5 minutes as soon as your payment arrives would be cooler. Payment costs would decrease dramatically or cease to exist, and since Abra needs no fuel, it would be an extra environment-friendly solution.

It could also help saving lives. Abra could get organs to doctors doctors in mere minutes to be put to good use.


3. Snorlax could clean up the planet


The Pokémon: Snorlax mostly lives on mountains, but seems to like coming down to public roads and blocking paths from time to time. Mostly spending his days either eating or sleeping, it needs 900 pounds of food every day. His digestive system is strong enough to break down anything, even poisonous and rotten food, without Snorlax ever getting sick. He is docile enough to let small children jump around on his belly, but wake him up and he'll attack in a grumpy rage!

The Solution: Waste disposal is a big problem, mostly because there's no good solution. Burning it pollutes the air, burying it pollutes the ground and dumping it in bodies of water pollutes the water. In fact, the best solution the Pokémon world has is 'feeding it to Snorlax'. See, the great thing about everyone's favorite road block is that when the Pokédex says it can eat anything, it's literally anything. Poisonous plants, used tires, rotten food, hazardous waste... the big guy doesn't care. It isn't even cruelty; Snorlax will be fine after using the trash heap as an all-you-can-eat buffet. And with 900 pounds each day, a group of the big boned dudes could make a significant difference. There is a greater opponent than fellow Pokémon Snorlax could fight: the destruction of the environment. Why not let it fill its belly and Giga Impacting global warming back to its place at the same time?