5. Hidden Things for You to Find

They might be easter eggs or remainders of some earlier version of the game, but these things are hidden, and you can find them.

First, there's the hidden toy train in Super Mario Galaxy: in the first mission of Toy Time Galaxy, proceed until the first Spring Mushroom, but don't get it. Scale the next ledge using wall jumps, then at the second Spring Mushroom, take the conveyor belt to the right and jump onto the orange block. The train is under the ramp, use first-person view to see it.


An interesting, but easily missed easter egg in Super Paper Mario can be found in one of Francis's rooms in Chapter 3-4. Just take the middle door in the hallway with the paintings and ride the elevator up to the room with the MeowMaid. On the wall behind the chest will be several Nintendo consoles, and you might need to walk around a bit in 3D mode to make the camera show all of them.

Note the Virtual Boy and the Famicom.


In Super Mario Sunshine, we can see a hidden object that might actually not supposed to be there, and remained as an oversight. In Chapter 3 of Noki Bay, let Mario drop down to the ruins and look into each opening until you find a door. Pressing Y near the door and rotating the camera, you can see a mysterious book inside.



This book doesn't seem to have any purpose - you cannot collect it even if you manage to glitch past the door - but it makes you wonder about what purpose it might have served in an earlier build of the game.


6. Hidden Things for You to NOT Find

Sometimes, a thing is hidden so well that there is no legitimate way of getting it: it still appears in the game as a fully-functioning element, but during normal play, it's impossible to access it.

Like this Mario & Yoshi trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee:

It was supposed to be distributed during an official Nintendo event... but it never came. Now only Action Replay cheats can unlock this trophy.


Other times, content is right under your nose, barely off-camera, but since you can't move your character due to a cutscene, you never have a chance to move toward it.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the game starts in the same house Mario and Luigi had in Paper Mario, but only the living room is seen. Off-screen is a fully-rendered bedroom:


And if you look closely, you can see a childlike drawing of Mario, Luigi and Peach on the table:




7. Dummied-Out and Unused Content

Going even further, some things are completely separated from the game, existing in limbo and only viewable to hackers who sift through the entirety of the game's code. While usually this is a boring affair, sometimes one might stumble upon something wonderful.

Like these unused Koopaling sprites from Super Princess Peach:


Nowadays, we got a little bit of Koopaling oversaturation, but when Super Princess Peach was released, they were on a long hiatus with only occasional appearances. Plus, seeing Peach actually battle them for once would have been worth it.


Deep within the code of Yoshi's Island are these animations:


One can only imagine what kind of stealth action Tree Yoshi would have performed.



8. Reliably Get the Anchor and Treasure Ship in SMB3

If you've played Super Mario Bros. 3, you've probably encountered the coin-filled Treasure Ship or the mysterious White Mushroom House containing the rare Anchor item before, but it always seemed random. In reality, they have very specific requirements to appear - but if you master fulfilling these, you can impress your friends by making these elusive events happen at your command!

Here's how to get the Treasure Ship to appear right after the first level of the game:


If you know the secret - the matching time and coin digits - you can do this in any level, but only as long as Hammer Bros. remain on the map, otherwise the Ship won't appear.


The White Mushroom House containing the Anchor can only be summoned from three different levels: either collect 30 coins in Level 2-2, 22 coins in Level 4-2, or 78 coins in Level 6-7.


The Anchor doesn't do much - it simply prevents the Airship from moving around the map if you lose a life on it - but it's the bragging rights that count. So be sure to show this off to that friend you knew in 2nd grade who thought he was hot shit for finding all three warp whistles.