Kylo Ren resembles an angsty teenager, and the internet has treated him like one, creating fake parody twitters to mock him and imagining what his childhood with Han Solo was like. Basically, the internet has had a fun time bullying him. And fan artists have decided to join the fun by showing Kylo Ren all the ways he could look better. I mean, Rey did redesign his look at the end of The Force Awakens. She, uh, strongly recommended he try a new scar across his face.


1. Rock-a-Billy Kylo Ren by Josh Matts

kylo ren star wars rockabilly


2. Medieval Kylo Ren by Christian Lonsdale

kylo ren star wars medieval knight


3. Disney Prince Kylo Ren by shorelle

kylo ren star wars disney prince


4. Modern Kylo by orisoni

kylo ren star wars modern hipster


5. Samurai Kylo Ren by Nicholas A. Draper-Ivey

kylo ren star wars samurai