4. The Beast

the beast

Perhaps one of the most pervasive foes of all-time, the Beast was awakened when a group of explorers decided to drill deep into a planet to study its impossible energy source. Rose and the Tenth Doctor saw an amicable slave race known as the Ood become possessed by this entity and warn them about the Beast awakening.

But, the possession of crewmate Toby makes the Beast an especially petrifying character. Toby's glowing red eyes and ancient black writing all over his body was only a preview of what was to come. In the subsequent episode, the Beast was revealed to The Doctor as the inspiration for the Devil in major religions. The Beast's fiery red skin, large horns, and sinful grin combined with his dark lair at the center of a planet wasn't enough to shake the Lord of Time, but the doer of evil did a pretty good job at giving the audience chills.


3. The Veil


According to Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Extra interview, the Veil is giant, horrifying creature from the Doctor's subconscious. And, for a man who has seen some pretty horrible shit, that's a very, very bad thing. Twelve came in contact with the grey, cloaked, and fly-infested beast when he was still reeling from the loss of Clara Oswald. His newest enemy Me/Ashildr had not only played a game leading to Clara's death -- she had also saddled the Doctor with a teleportation device which forced him to spend his days in a constantly shifting castle surrounded by water filled with skulls of the dead. Very pleasant stuff....

veil doctor who

The Veil's job was slowly stalking The Doctor throughout the castle and forcing him to admit his greatest fears. Eventually, The Doctor discovered that the only way to escape his situation was to go to room 12 in the castle and slowly punch away at an Azbantium wall until the Veil crept up and burned him with its touch. He was then forced to claw his way back to the teleporter chamber and start the process again -- which took well over 7,000 years to complete. Witnessing the constant psychological torture The Doctor faced in order to free himself was enough to sear the Veil in the memories of fans worldwide.


2. The Daleks & Davros


Remember how the Cybermen are the second most enduring pains in the Doctor's ass? Well, meet the first. Many people say that a hero's awesomeness is based on the villains he encounters and there is no foe quite like the Daleks. After being introduced in the 1963-64 serial "The Daleks", they were an unlikely hit with the fans. After all, who knew a few giant monsters resembling pepper shakers with a plunger and kitchen whisk for arms would turn into a marketing craze known as Dalekmania? Since then, the Daleks have become almost as legendary as the TARDIS and the Doctor himself for good reason. They have no desire to assimilate, stalk, torture, or scare anyone. All the Daleks want to do is kill every living thing that isn't a Dalek. No extra frills, just kills.

And, the Dalek's wickedness is further driven by their leader Davros. Actor Terry Molloy (Davros) himself chatted with Tai Gooden (that's me!) at (Re)Generation Who about Davros and the Daleks. He gave his own explanation for why these characters are perceived as evil:

"I think basically they are misunderstood. From Davros' point of view he is a really nice guy....no evil person actually thinks they are evil, that's caricature! They believe they are doing the right thing. When you look at them [the Daleks] they don't look creepy but they do have that power base of uncompromising obedience to command and they go forth and relentlessly destroy anything in their path. So perhaps that is why they are seen as scary.

The relationship between The Doctor and Davros is not guns and whistles, but rather the mental chess game they play against each other because they are both alone and on the same intellectual level. That is a fascinating basis of their relationship. You could say Davros is the dark side of The Doctor or The Doctor is what Davros could have been!"

 Molloy makes a pretty convincing case. Hopefully the Daleks will exterminate him last.