Suntory sponsored the creation of these amazing miniature ice sculptures that have been CNC milled (imagine the process like "reverse 3D printing") from computer models. To counteract the heat from friction and preserve the shapes without melting sculptures were made in a special room kept at -7° celsius. The process is illustrated in this video that will undoubtedly spawn countless "oddly satisfying" gifs on reddit.



Now, before anybody accuses us of being in the pockets of "Big Whisky", let me assure you that Dorkly is and has always been firmly beholden to "Cheap Whisky" as well as "Big Hobo Wine". 


1. Godzilla

Custom Ice Cubes Godzilla


2. The Space Shuttle

Custom Ice Cubes Space Shuttle


3. Super Mario

Custom Ice Cubes Mario


4. The Original Macintosh Computer

Custom Ice Cubes Apple Computer


5. DeadMau5

Custom Ice Cubes


6. Abraham Lincoln

Custom Ice Cubes Joker


7. The Statue of Liberty

Custom Ice Cubes Statue of Liberty


8. Batman

Custom Ice Cubes Batman