Like any other self-respecting geek, we here at Dorkly have a lot of problems with Batman v Superman (and Man of Steel), but that doesn't have to get in the way of our feelings for Henry Cavill. Ever since he made a video of his attempts to convince children that Superman was better than Batman, we've had a soft spot for him. He genuinely cares about the character of Superman. That's why he committed to getting in shape naturally, without steroids, for the part and why he's been so charming during the extensive press tour. How about we just let the man speak for himself:


1. He loves World of Warcraft




2. He loves WoW almost more than he loves playing Superman


3. He also understands the downsides of loving World of Warcraft


4. He doesn't hesitate to compliment his co-star




5. He can be very complimentary