Hello, and welcome to Shitty Internet Day! It's that one day each year where the internet becomes an impenetrable mass of Half-Life 3 announcements and ThinkGeek products that you wish were real. Normally the best course of action is to wait for websites to round up the best/most tolerable gags and then continue onto the other 364 days of the year where no one is allowed to lie on the internet. 

Every once in a while though, a bunch of people gather together and create a truly memorable goof. That didn't happen today, but several webcomic artists did "coincidentally" post the exact same strip.


1. Cyanide and Happiness

cyanide and happiness

At first, this seems like a concise and well-thought-out exploration of the existential dread faced by artists with "Impostor Syndrome." 


2. Berkeley Mews

berkeley mews

Forget what I said earlier, this is just a joke about all jokes being the same. 


3. Deathbulge


It's actually pretty neat to see how different aritsts tackle the exact same four panels. The shirts are a nice touch.


4. The Pigeon Gazette

april fools comic

pigeon gazette

I think... we should all be reading more webcomics, guys.  



5. Extra Fabulous Comics

extra fabulous comics

Zach of Extra Fabulous Comics seems to have claimed that his comic is the original


6. Owlturd


This joke has gone from funny, to not funny, to a biting critique of the futility of creativity in the internet age, to not funny again.


7. JimKBjim benton comic

Imagine waking up today and this is the first webcomic you read. Actually... this might be even better without context.


8a. Noob the Loser

chartoons comic

Even CollegeHumor's own Andy Stuart aka Noob the Loser got in the action. For more of his work, be sure to check out CH's cartoon Facebook page CHartoons!


8b. Nathan Yaffe

april fools comic

What do you know, CollegeHumor's Nathan Yaffe -- also known for the Drawfee YouTube channel -- also got in on the fun! Isn't this a great day for cross-brand marketing opportunities?


9. JHallComics


To understand what in the good gravy is going on here, you might want to check out Dorkly's Garfield Hates Monday roundup. I promise there's almost no pissing involved. 


If you want to see just how much this April Fools Joke has spread, Reddit is currently overflowing with "Original" comics.