If you saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then you know the title is misleading. The film has nothing to do with Batman or Superman or Justice even. It's all about WONDER WOMAN. Sure, she has less than 10 minutes of screen time but movie theaters across America erupted into applause when she jumped into battle to save Batman. I dare you to listen to her theme (below) and not jump on your desk and release your fiercest battle cry. 

I'm not alone in my Wonder Woman worship. The internet is begging for more Diana Prince.



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3. Estantefeminista created a rad gif to celebrate Wonder Woman's fashionable history


4. Batman v Superman doesn't deserve the bad reviews because...


 5. Wonder Woman 2016


6. We all know who truly saved the day

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7. Pchan combined two new films to create the powerful mashup: WONDER JUDY



8. This is for everyone wondering about Rey's origins


9. Yes, let's actually bring Wonder Woman and Star Wars together


10. Morgan of Methyl Ethyl Cosplay cosplayed as a screen-accurate Wonder Woman, and she looks amazing!




Here's Methyl Ethyl after she saw BvS!