1. Daredevil is the superhero who best defines the term "street-level"

artwork by Guilherme Gusmão de Freitas


2. While other comics indulge in cosmic power fantasies, Daredevil is a breathing human being, using only his fists and his wits (and a few extra senses) to make a difference in his neighborhood

cosplay by Endeavour Cosplay


3. Beneath the costume is Matt Murdock, a talented attorney trying to keep his personal and professional life from spiraling into choas

via marvelsdefenders


4. The character is so resilient, that it has survived more than a few "missteps" in his 40+ year history


5. It might just be that lack of media savvy which allowed talented writers like Brian Michael Bendis to write some of the smartest superhero comics of the modern age

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