Welp - we finally got a look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe's iteration of Spider-Man (as played by newcomer Tom Holland) at the very end of the newest Captain America: Civil War trailer...for a grand total of about 3 seconds (and one line - "Hey everyone."). But based on these precious few seconds, the internet has already been sent into a tizzy of jokes, references, and BRAND NEW GIFs. 

...also, not saying we were entirely responsible for the reveal, but it DID come only a few days after we published this comic.


1. The smaller eye-holes on the costume means Peter Parker got a few extra mutations.


via DarkSinister


2. The classic 60s Spider-Man meme has finally been updated for 2016!


via natenatebananadate


3. And now we can finally retire this joke forever.


via merlyn-the-magician


4. The great BossLogic has come up with a great (albeit fan-made) alt poster for Civil War featuring Spidey.


via bosslogic