3. Zorg's whole plan is kind of terrible


Capping off a great cast is Gary Oldman as Zorg, a futuristic mogul that looks like Lady Gaga designed clothes for Dieter. He's in league with Mr. Shadow, aka "the great ball of fire hurtling towards earth but is going extra slow for some reason," but Zorg is a businessman above all. When we see him dealing with the alien mercenaries, he seems to take real pride in the weapons his company produces. So why in the hell would he want to help exterminate life, when life is a vital part of his business

Zorg's empire is shown to be immense. The guy's name is everywhere, up in lights on what we have to assume is just one of his many skyscrapers. And when Korben is fired, he gets a pink slip with Zorg's name at the bottom. His control is that far-reaching.


For every life that is exterminated, Zorg loses a potential customer. If the Earth were to suddenly, say, explode when struck by a giant sentient ball of malevolent lava, there goes billions of his clientele.

Though he is indeed under pressure form Mr. Shadow, Zorg also goes to great length to justify his actions to himself. When Zorg knocked that glass on the ground and those cleaning robots made their rounds, he was demonstrating that a little chaos gives everyone something to do, which theoretically would be "good for business."


But uh, he knows that Mr. Shadow doesn't want to destroy like a LITTLE bit of life, but like ALL life, right? Destroying ALL life very likely mark the end of his corporation; at some point, the fact that there's no customers is going to cut into any business plan. Really, Zorg has one of the best motivations to fight AGAINST Mr. Shadow. If he doesn't want to bleed chocolate syrup from his head anymore, all he needs to do is help the good guys save humanity. And when Mr. Shadow calls, maybe let it go to voicemail. 


2. Why does Leeloo freak out over the word "War"?


Though she's the reincarnated Supreme Being, Leeloo isn't too familiar with modern language. We see her trying to rectify this throughout the movie, as she crams a ridiculous amount of knowledge into her superior brain with what looks like a Windows 95 PC. She makes her way through the alphabet and studies each entry at a rapid pace, kind of like if Neo from the Matrix had Microsoft Encarta installed into his brain.  

Leeloo is a quick study. Fueled by that fantastic microwaved insta-chicken, she tears through the alphabet of human knowledge. She gotten from "A" all the way to "M" by the midpoint of the film. 

Leeloo absorbs absolutely everything on every entry she reads, to a scary degree. All she has to do is watch a quick PowerPoint presentation with a Bruce Lee JPEG and she can kick alien ass with perfect martial arts prowess.

But when she gets to "War" under "W," things turn sour. 

By the time she gets to the end of the horrific "War" slideshow, Leeloo is nearly catatonic. Imagine being born and then immediately exposed to all the terrible things humanity has done, and then being asked to save these horrible people. Your lips would quiver, too.

But wait, that doesn't make any sense. She went through almost the whole alphabet before she got to "W." Leeloo should have already experienced "Murder," "Bomb" and "Holocaust" and everything in between. Why is she shocked at the atrocities of "War" when she's already injected the horror of "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" directly into her brain? 

Of course, she's convinced by notorious sleep-kisser Korben Dallas that life is worth saving, but in the end that doesn't really matter, because...