First of all, after a year of speculation and Internet screaming matches, here is the first official trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot:


Not gonna lie, this thing just brought a tear to my doofy millennial nerd face, and I just have to talk about it.


1. Ghostbusters is one of the last great nostalgia reserves left untapped:


Before Pokemon and before the Ninja Turtles, the (Real) Ghostbusters was the first cross-media franchise for a lot of 80's/90's kids, myself included. And while my nerd ego has been nigh-continuously stroked by superheroes films, modern scifi-reboots, and dozens of videogame adaptations (has anybody played Transformers: Devastation yet!?) the Ghostbusters franchise had been frozen in development hell for LITERAL decades. These memories have been gathering dust like so many firehouse playsets in the attic. Watching the trailer rekindled something deep, whether it was the anachronistic use of translucent green slime, or the high-tempo remix of the original theme, They captured a something I haven't felt in a good long while.


2. They're keeping with the Science Vs. Magic Theme


This one is a bit more metaphysical, but one of the most powerful conceits in the franchise was that while there may actually be monsters under the bed, you can still KICK THEIR ASS with proton beams. The first movie literally ends with them using quantum physics to kill an Abrahamic Sumerian GOD. The glimpses we have of the team's lab full of gadgets is keeping me hopeful. Also, the modified ghost traps looking like a laser bear trap was cool touch.


3. They're totally pulling a Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and that's not a bad thing)


The more cynical minds will be correct in noticing that this movie hits the exact same beats as the first film, everything from the disgraced academics starting up their own enterprise to the street-wise Black outsider joining on to complete the team, it's not making any effort to break from the script and that's ok. How do I put this? When you reconnect with an old friend after a long absence, the first thing you do is jump back into the familiar in-jokes. Leave it to the sequels to go in their own direction, but for the first outing just bring us back to a specific time and place while sparing the kids from the now unsettling stop-motion puppetry (and super awkward ghost-BJs) of the original movie. It worked for Star Wars, and it looks like it'll work here too.


4. The new cast looks like they got it covered


From Bridesmaids to Spy to countless sketches on SNL, this is a cast has consistently proven they have what it takes to make this reboot just as engaging and funny as the original films. Seeing them together interacting and playing off one another has soothed whatever residual doubts about stunt-casting was dwelling in the darkest recesses of my mind.


5. Long Live The Action-Comedy


Sorry if any of you have been hit in the splash zone while my inner-child has been sloshing Ecto Cooler all over the place. I just want to bring it home with the point that the action-comedy genre is the home to some of my favorite movies of all time. From Guardians of the Galaxy to The LEGO Movie, to the collected output of Edgar Wright, nothing else truly lifts my spirits more. I don't think I'm alone in this feeling (as it's basically been the dominant form of blockbuster release since the 80s), and after viewing this trailer I'm hopeful that this is going to be a lot more like Men in Black than RIPD.