In a way, it's surprising that it hasn't happened sooner. We've had all sorts of porn parodies, from Batman to Star Wars, but rarely has the internet itself been the subject of skewering from adult film stars. That's exactly what happened when the creatively named Dick Bush called out 4chan for help in writing a script for a porn segment called "Meme Lover." The result is a smorgasbord of overplayed internet in-jokes and annoying Star Wars catchphrases that are suddenly given a bizarre new context. Then Brazzers themselves threw up a SFW cut so everyone at work can get in slightly less trouble for watching it.

You can find the link to the (explicit, seriously hardcore no joke you guys) porn pretty easily via the usual suspects. If you're not brave enough, you can just take my word for it when I say his penis really is wearing a Bane mask. 

For reference, here's part of the 4chan thread that spawned this uh, film. 

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