1. In case you hadn't heard, Nintendo announced a new set of Pokemon games today



2. As you'd imagine, the internet is pretty excited about it


3. Like, really excited




4. Almost as excited as this girl from the trailer



5. We didn't get much info from the video, but fans already started picking apart the brief glimpses of concept art


6. There are already multiple conspiracy theories about where the game takes place



7. Someone even drew up a version of the half-completed Pokemon seen in the trailer

pokemon concept

via Smash-Chu


8. Fans were even coming up with their own box art


9. Some were classier than others

pokemon sun

pokemon moon

via vivianofir


10. Then there's this neat mockup of the title screens


via bbrunomoraes



11. The parodies escalated pretty quickly


12. I'm not even mad, these are amazing

pokemon sun moon

via RealShigeruM


13. The internet is getting too good at these mashups

pokemon sun

pokemon moon

via nipahdubs



14. I wouldn't have ever thought of this one



via okapiandpaste


15. Pretty much everyone was happy about the announcement, except...

pokemon z

via ericlide


16. Those who were looking forward to Pokemon Z





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