We thought it was impossible to make room for another droid in our heart after C3P0 and R2D2 were basically our surrogate parents growing up. But BB8 proved us wrong by giving us a thumbs up and making our hearts burst. 


1. John Boyega speaks the truth about BB8's undeniable humanity



2. LEGO recognized how popular BB8 was, and they made the droid one of the main characters of the teaser for their new TV seires, resulting in funny moments like this one:


Or this one:



To see the full teaser, click here!


3. Keith Lapinig brought his BB8 toy to Disneyland and filmed its adventures. Even Disney princesses are taken aback by BB8's cuteness.



To see the full video, click here!


4. Don't forget that BB8 is technically a Resistance fighter and therefore is very brave and heroic (if artifical intelligence is capable of bravery, that is)


by Julie Wolter


5. Fans have embraced BB8 and turned him into some awesome fan art. Like this needlework by masoniart




6. Or BBTrump. We didn't think you could make BB8 into something upsetting, but Tony Babel succeeded.


7. Or silly, punny fan art: BBQ by artsenix




9. Everyone feels the love for BB8. Just look at these illustrations. 


by dreadelion



by liongirlart



by muminika


10. Everyone except for Kylo, of course.



11. Characters from outside the Star Wars franchise are getting in on the BB8 love.


by spenzbowart


12. Even Harrison Ford can't escape the BB8 love

via reefguy007


12. This. Just THIS.


BB8 is one of a kind but some other Star Wars characters are not: