Now THIS is pod racing! 

Glitchy, slightly janky pod racing!




Taking advantage of a glitch with the Halo Forge's "welding" tool, community member CaptainDireWolf has recreated the iconic pod racing scene from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Looking at the picture above you can see rideable recreations of Anakin and Sebulba's vehicles as well as The Hutts' balcony seats. 




While there is no custom game mode in place as of this writing, you and your friends are free to drive the vehicles around, shoot each other in the face and find all the little details scattered throughout this map. Here's a video by YouTuber ZannyVids 



You can download the map to your Xbox One by adding CaptainDireWolf's gamertag in Halo 5 and looking for "Podracer: Boonta Eve" under bookmarks.