Deadpool is the perfect man: charming, strong and riddled with skin cancer. It's no surprise that the internet has shipped him with everyone imaginable. Each ship is a little different, a little raunchy, a little weird, but that's Deadpool for you.


The most popular ship crosses the Marvel and DC Divide: Deadpool and Harley Quinn. They're a good match. They're both unhinged and violent. 

1. Marco D'Alfonso drew a mashup of The Notebook to show their classic love story.

deadpool harley


2. They share a lot of common interests. Just look at this illustration...

Born to Kill: Harley Quinn and Deadpool by nemonova



3. Marco D'Alfonso even imagines them starting a family together

deadpool harley


4. Sinhalite doesn't see their relationship as so wholesome 

deadpool harley


5. Tara Jenkins sees it as definitely not wholesome at all

deadpool harley


Another popular Deadpool ship is Spideypool, which pairs Deadpool and Spider-Man.


6. Dakotaliar shows Peter and Wade having an intimate moment

deadpool spiderman


7. If the age difference between Wade and Peter makes you uncomfortable, then this illustration of them as chibi babies aneacc should make you feel better.



8. Or this picture of them starting a family by leopardkora

spidey deadpool


And, of course, as a Marvel superhero, Deadpool gets shipped with the Avengers.


9. Like with Captain America in this illustration by nove.



10. Or in this sweet breakfast scene with Thor by lantern12.

deadpool thor


11. Deadpool doesn't exclude mutants either. Here he is enjoying movie night with Cable by nove.



12. But some ships transcend franchises and mediums because LOVE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE and neither does this Deadpool/Chell (from Portal) ship by psychochick

deadpool chell