With the recent release of the trailer for Nintendo's Great Detective Pikachu, the internet has exploded with joy over the bizarre reinterpretation of the world's most profitable rodent since Mickey Mouse. With his steely gaze, determined expression, and deep manly voice it certainly isn't the Pikachu game people were expecting back when the initial dev photos surfaced:




Now a movement has arisen to cast the English voice of Pikachu, and the most popular candidate by far is famous troll-footed actor Danny DeVito. We like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as much as the next website, but can this really be a serious request?


you can sign the petition yourself right here


We were still skeptical, until we saw this video edit by Tealhollow1 and soon it became apparent that there really is no other choice for this game that still has no announced plans for English localization.

If you're not fluent in Japanese, might we suggest GameXplain's translated version of the original announcement trailer:


Update: It appears one person did see this coming, and that was pop-artist Brandon Bird in this 2007 work:



 Update 2: More video evidence has emerged from bripbear