The thrill of competition, the hardship of training, and the glory of victory; these are the experiences that make both sports and gaming so compelling and its a connection that The Pokemon Company is hoping you'll make with its 20 year-old franchise. Before we go on it's best that you go ahead and watch the tape:



We go from Fútbol to Football to IRL Pokemon fights in an ad that isn't meant to promote an upcoming game, but rather the overall concept of colorful collectible battle monsters in general. With ad space selling for 4.5 million bucks per 30-second chunk, that's a lot of money to remind people that Pikachu's still a thing. But the merchandising juggernaut is more than just Nintendo games, there's collectible card games, toys, and mobile apps to be sold. 




That being said now I REALLY want to see a "Remember the Titans" style inspirational sports movie about the first desegregated Pokemon Gym. Is that weird?