Sure, we know a lot of Pokemon are based on animals, but some of those Pokemon are a lot MORE based on animals than you'd realize. Like, actually based on very specific species and containing very specific traits and features unique to certain types of animals. Here are 14 examples that will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about Pokemon.

Or, at least, make you go "Huh. Neat."


1. Victreebel is a pitcher plant


Photo Credit: WillGoTo

Victreebel - a genuinely terrifying Pokemon - is based on pitcher plants, a VERY genuinely terrifying real life thing. When you Google image search "pitcher plant", the first suggested addition is "eating a mouse." The leaf over the Victreebel's mouth even matches up with those of pitcher plants - sadly, pitcher plants don't actually have fangs, because not even Mother Nature is that sadistic.


2. Sandslash is a pangolin


Photo Credit: mongabay

It's got the claws, it's got the scales - it even has the eyes! Yep, pangolins are the Sandslashes of reality. And - just like Pokemon - they're only available in the "blue world" (since, uh, the Earth looks pretty blue from space?).


3. Drowzee is a Malayan tapir


Photo Credit: pikdit

The dream-devouring Drowzee is basically the Malayan tapir (except with a few more psychic abilities). The same elephant-esque nose, the same ears, and the same hooves. Let's just hope it doesn't start hypnotizing people when it grows up.