Space ships, lasers, orphans, long-lost relatives, mysterious mentors, shipping two dudes who are 99% likely to be platonic buds....Star Wars is BASICALLY an anime series that was mistakenly performed by real life human beings, instead of animated in Japan and then poorly dubbed in the mid-90s in America. And someone has taken the theme music to Code Geass (and the basic tropes of anime openings) and turned Star Wars: The Force Awakens into the anime opening you always knew it could be.

For reference, here's the Code Geass opening:


And if that doesn't fully satiate your desire for Star Wars anime - someone ACTUALLY MADE REAL STAR WARS ANIME:


Still have a desire for more Star Wars anime? Well...what about STAR WARS MANGA? (by the majestic artist Vaughn Pinpin)

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STILL NOT SATISFIED? You can actually buy REAL Star Wars manga. But be warned, it's actually a little too perfect: