No, this isn't a fan film for Spike Jonze's Her, this is an actual concept video from Japanese tech start-up vinclu that's looking to appeal to the types of people that wish Siri was their waifu. While it's not the first such device to be controlled through voice recognition software, it's definitely the first to be actively flirty with the consumer? To add to ick-factor, the character featured in the video is an unique creation from the designer of Japan's most popular dating sims:




There's obviously plans to offer more characters to buy in the future, so hopefully there's a real pretty Yaoi boy with gross big hands to even out the weird fembot vibes. Remember kids, it's not sexist to exploit the lonliness of isolated wealthy people if you provide emotional crutches for BOTH genders.



Maybe I'm being too judgemental here. If you're a well-adjusted person who can balance work, family, and an extensive Super Sonico vinyl figure collection, more power to you. 


I just miss the days when hologram technology was being used for more productive and wholesome purposes: