As the news of Alan Rickman's passing hit the Dorkly offices this morning there's a palpable sense of loss and frustration in the air. He was such an undeniable presence in everything he contributed to, adding his almost trademarked combination of humor, malice and sorrow to his roles that made him so memorable. 


Alan Rickman was a gift to the fandom community and his loss is already being being felt across the world. Here's 10 fan art trubutes to some of his most iconic roles:


1. Professor Snape by Jane Mere

snape rickman


2. "That Stupid Line" by paperbeatsscissors

dr lazarus alan rickman


3. The Voice of God by ThreshTheSky



4. An Exceptional Thief by Edward Booth

hans gruber alan rickman rip


5. Paper Gruber by Silwy

hans gruber paper art


6. "It's all for you, sir." (Love Actually) by MoishPain

Love Actually Alan Rickman  

7. Marvin: Age of Ultron by John Trumbull

marvin the paranoid android tron alan rickman


8. Absolem the Caterpillar by Ignacio Cardoso

Absolem rickman


9. Judge Turpin (Sweeney Todd) by Lance Murdoch

alan rickman todd


10. "Always" by Smeha