In his newest Understanding Art video, youtuber Nerdwriter1 presents a persuasive argument for why Prisoner of Azkaban is the strongest film of the Harry Potter series.

1. The majority of the audience were children and teenagers, meaning they could easily relate to Harry and his struggles.

harry potter


2.  The director, Alfonso Cuarón, was the perfect choice for this installment because he had experience covering more adult topics and could capture the series' shift from a whimsical tone to a darker one.


3. Cuarón brought more advanced cinematography to the series -- like a constantly moving camera and longer, dynamic shots --  and he used these techniques to bring Hogwarts to life.


4. Cuarón also used his nuanced cinematic language to illustrate the book's important themes, like Harry's loneliness and alienation as "the chosen one."


5. By directing the popular movie, Cuarón exposed a young, impressionable audience to excellent filmmaking and inspired a new generation to think critically about cinema.

Watch the full video below to hear more of the argument: