If there's one thing state governments love to do, it's designate a seemingly random number foods, trees, and minerals as the "official state" version of something. Well we here at Dorkly are sick of state flowers, and we don't care that the state bird of Georgia is the "Brown Thrasher". Now is the time to put resources towards something that people actually care about, which is why we've chosen The Official State Videogames for the entire country. 

You're welcome, America (and sorry that 70% of these were excuses to make hacky jokes about the places you live).



alaska state game tetris

Everyone always forgets that this is the biggest one of all time, plus we totally swiped it from Russia.



Alabama dynasty warriors

Obsessed with an oddly specific period of military history, and has a track record of resisting big changes.



arizona borderlands 2

Full of sun-parched weirdos with WAY too many guns. 



bill hillary clinton videogame

Both gained peak notoriety in the '90s .



california street fighter II

A gathering place for people from different cultures across the world... to immediately start fighting with each other.



colorado ssx tricky

Wants you to think Winter Sports are cooler than they actually are.