Everyone has lost their minds over Oscar Isaac. Redditor rock_callahan best summarized it when he posted to r/StarWars


In case you're confused about why everyone is drooling over the Resistance's best pilot, here's why:


1. The best part of Ex Machina (an already-great movie) was Oscar's dance scene. In case you missed it...

Liked that? Here's the full version:


2. He's a total sweetheart. Like that time he posed with Gary, Carrie Fisher's internet-famous dog


3. Or when he was very kind to his Star Wars co-star, Lupita Nyong'o, during a Vanity Fair interview

When he was asked, "Where do you see yourself after Star Wars is over?" he responded:



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 4. He offered to give me his phone number. Okay, not really. He offered to give his phone number to anyone who wanted to know Star Wars spoilers.


5. He won a Golden Globe, and it was the only part of the Golden Globes anyone cared about


6. Even Harrison Ford was in awe of Oscar Isaac


7. He used his Golden Globe win to talk about the need for more diversity in Hollywood movies



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