lego 3d printed heads


Get comfy in the deepest trench of the uncanny valley with these custom made LEGO minifig heads by etsy seller Funky 3D Faces. The company creates a full (albeit tiny) likeness from 2D photographs and uses the full-color sandstone method of 3D printing in which powder, adhesive, and pigments are deposited in layers to form almost any object. Not going to lie, the reason we're highlighting this service is because seeing LEGO minifigures with realistic human heads IS BIZARELLY UNNERVING  AND WE NEED TO SHARE OUR EXISTENTIAL ICKYNESS.




This looks like something a Doctor Who villain would leave behind after it ate your time-soul. The website lists the price as $29.82 for a single head (you provide the body), OR if you want to enter a lifetime commitment for someone, you can get a matching pair for use as wedding cake toppers:


LEGO custom 3D printed 

Well, after silently staring at these for 10 minutes I actually kind of want one. Do you think they'll charge more because I have a huge head? No seriously I'm often mistaken for a character from Wind Waker, it's a problem. They're available to order on the seller's etsy page.