Fallout 4 has been an unrivaled success in the world of gaming, and yet as our maps filled with point markers and our objective list grew fatter, we couldn't help but feel something was... missing. Finally we are happy to state that Bethesda's epic adventure is now officially perfected with the creation of this mod that turns the Deathclaw monsters into giant freaky effigies of The Macho Man, Randy Savage (RIP).


Are you ready?





For you nostalgic types, you're correct in recognizing this as the handiwork of FancyPants, the modder/youtuber who gave us the "Macho Dragons" Skyrim mod, which first opened our eyes to the untapped potential of Bethesda's Creation Engine back in 2012:


If still you don't understand just why this wrestling legend deserves a spot in your Commonwealth, just take a look at this: