1. His dad was just as excited as he was that he would be starring in the new Star Wars. His dad's Star Wars fandom was a little more muted, though.

john boyega star wars dad

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2. And yet, his dad - like every human being on Earth - still wanted those sweet The Force Awakens spoilers.



3. He doesn't even share that info with his friends (who also must have missed every trailer?)

john boyega tonight show

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4. His reaction to the last Star Wars trailer is more wild than most fans, even though he already knew what would happen because HE'S IN IT:


5. And speaking of people reacting to the trailer...


6. He doesn't let crappy Twitter racism get to him.


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7. His mentors include Sir Ian McKellen...


...and Robert Downey Jr.

No, for real - Robert Downey Jr. is actually his mentor. They shared the same agent, who set up a meeting between the two, so RDJ could give JB some advice about BAHMS (Being A Huge Movie Star). According to Boyega:

"He's helped me prepare for how my life is going to change and that has been inspiring. I'm talking to someone who understands the power of choices, both positive and negative."


8. He showed up to the Star Wars premiere lookin' dapper as hell, and sporting a VERY interesting glove.

star wars premiere john boyega hand

A small homage to all the lost hands of the Star Wars universe. RIP Hands.


9. He understands why TR-8R is the greatest stormtrooper around...


10. At heart, he's a Star Wars fanboy, like any of us, who just wants Harrison Ford to love him:






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Well, at least he got Han's autograph.


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