Jason Wingreen, the actor who originally voiced Boba Fett, passed away this weekend. Many fans took to twitter to express their condolences:



Since The Force Awakens came out, everybody is obsessing over new characters, but we think it's important to remember why you should still love Boba Fett best of all.


1. He appeared in the original trilogy and the prequels so he's meaningful to young and old Star Wars fans alike.

boba fett

via groupthink.kinja.com


2. He's fun to accurately cosplay

Boba Fett Cosplay by Widen15

by Widen15


3. He's also fun to not accurately cosplay!

boba fett

by First Person Shooter


4. Basically, the Boba Fett cosplay possibilities are endless and awesome

by Hendo Art Cosplay

Photo: York In A Box & Fat Man Photography

Mulan: Rian Synnth Cosplay, Pocahontas: Hendo Art, Ariel: Traci Hines, Rapunzel: Maid of Might Cosplay, Aurora: PandaCat Cosplay, Tink: Miley TinyThunder, Pan: @chrisvillain, Anna: LifeofShel, Elsa: Ashlynne Dae, Hans: Eberle Cosplay


5. Sure, you can go nuts over TR-8R, but don't forget who came first.

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6. Fans love him so much that they are finding creative ways to incorporate him into the new trilogy


7. He has inspired rad fan art over the years.


Boba Catt by dailycatdrawings


Epic Boba Fett by heroforpain


Star Wars 80s High School Biker Boba Fett by denism79

Star Wars 80s High School - Biker Boba Fett by DenisM79


Boba holding a fluffy bunny by Kelly Kerrigan


7. And intriguing fan theories. Like the one where HE is responsible for killing Luke's aunt and uncle. Click here to find out more.

boba fett


8. You can buy a Boba Fett bathrobe so you can pretend to be a ruthless mercenary in the privacy of your home

Boba Fett Fleece Robe


9. His iconic costume had an interesting evolution, as explained by this infographic by HalloweenCostumes

boba info 1 boba info 2 boba info boba info 4


10. Finally, here's a tribute video fans put together of Wintergreen's work as Boba Fett to remind you why you first fell in love with this mysterious bounty hunter: