Inside Out was, like most Pixar films, an emotionally-complex, sweet-but-heartbreaking movie. Unlike most other Pixar films, it took the emotions to a literal level, actually showing the inner workings of a young girl named Riley's mind. The end result was pretty wonderful - two separate (but connected) stories were being told: the outside (Riley attempting to adjust to her family's new home in San Francisco) and inside (Riley's emotional state during the move). But what if you removed all the "inside" stuff, and just showed a story of a young girl attempting to adjust to a new city?

Editor  has answered that question by taking out the story of Joy, Sadness, Bing Bong, and all the rest of the characters living inside Riley's mind, and leaving us with a 15 minute story about a young girl who has a very relatable experience moving to a new place.


Now if only someone could make Cars without all the cars.