7. Howard Dean's scream is hidden in an explosion


Remember Howard Dean? No? He ran for President of the United States in the 2004 election, before being run out of the race by his own guttural, now-legendary scream. Most everyone got their licks in with a year or two, but as we've learned, Breaking Bad likes to let it simmer.

During one of the series' most badass moments, Walt tosses down an explosive in Tuco's headquarters. See if you can hear Howard Dean yelling in the ensuing carnage:

It's a clever play on the traditional movie/TV wail known as the Wilhelm Scream, a soundbyte you've probably heard dozens of times before. Howard Dean might've been even more forgettable than John Kerry, but hey, at least he was on Breaking Bad that one time.


6. Hidden funny money


You might remember the big musical montage in the eighth episode of the fifth season. To the tune of the Christian jingle "Crystal Blue Persuasion," Walt and Co. engage in a cycle of cooking meth and making money, over and over, completely ignoring the big downhill ski race they presumably should be training for. Because you're not a maniac, you probably weren't peering at every frame of that montage in hopes of finding an easter egg, but it's not like the Internet had anything better to do. You can always count on that someone, somewhere to sift through every episode of everything and pause at the right time. 

Check out that screengrab up there. There's something off about the bag of money in the picture above. Do you see it? The $50 bill on the top looks normal, with Ulysses S. Grant looking like America's disappointed dad just as he always has. But that other $50 bill... that's not Grant at all. Who the hell is that guy?


Fuckin' Vince Gilligan. Of course. He knew fans were poring over every inch of every frame, so he put a little somethin'-somethin' in there for the die-hards. And you know, by the time the fifth season rolled around, the creator of Breaking Bad had to be stupid rich anyway. If you were responsible for one of the most popular shows of all-time, you'd probably put your face on money, too.


5. Walt's pants from the first episode show up again at the end of the series


The creators of Breaking Bad are really patient. Some of production team's finer details seem innocuous at first, but like a sniper they'll wait until just the right moment to blow your mind. Above, you can see a frantic Walt rolling his money barrell in season five. It's such a harrowing episode that you'd be forgiven for missing what's going on in the foreground. It's just a pair of khakis blowing by, like a Salvation Army tumbleweed. Pretty random, right? If you were watching Friday the 13th XII: Ernest Goes to Camp Crystal Lake and saw an Arby's bag float behind Jason just before he guts a teen, you'd probably chalk that up to the rich world-building that the series is known for. But that's not how Breaking Bad works. Let's flash back to the opening minutes of the very first episode of season one:

Yep, those are the same pants, thrown with wild abandon by a mustachioed Walter "Danger" White during his initial meth-fueled adventure. He leaves the pants in the dust, so to speak, presumably so one day they could roll in front of the camera and symbolize how far Walt has come while also staying in the same place.

But hey, it could be a coincidence. It's not like anyone would go as far as to directly reference a minor detail several years beforehand. Then again, the director of the episode did tweet out this behind-the-scenes photo


The people responsible for Breaking Bad don't do anything by accident. That's why you should never second guess yourself when you see something like...