Retired StarCraft pro MC (age 24, not that I'm jealous of a professional videogame player who's able to retire by age 24 and made more money playing StarCraft II than anyone ever or anything) was at HomeStory Cup XII to celebrate the career and legacy of MMA, a fellow SC player who was retiring. MMA's reason for retiring is a good one - he's due to serve his mandatory service in the South Korean military next year.

But it's the way MC celebrated MMA that brings us to this video today - you see, MMA is letting go of his life and career in eSports as he knows it. But MC has already done what MMA is preparing to do - so he can only offer him this piece of advice, through the majestic notes of Disney's Frozen:

Let it go.

Now, your own biases and prejudices may make you think that a pro SC2 player might not have the best singing voice - prepare to have your expectations subverted LIKE HELL.


God bless you, MC.

(for some context, that's MC dressed as a Warcraft Murloc for...some reason)