The trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence was just released, and astoundingly, it doesn't look terrible. In fact, it looks pretty good. In fact, it looks like the best thing in the entire world. Note: I may be biased and clouded by nostalgia here, but everything about this trailer feels pretty wonderful. And here are 8 reasons why you should be just as overhyped as I am...


1. It's a sequel to a popular blockbuster from the 90s that RESPECTS the presence of Jeff Goldblum


How the hell did Jurassic World contain ZERO Jeff Goldblum? For some bizarre reason, when resurrecting the Jurassic Park franchise from the dead, the only (non-dinosaur) character they brought back was B.D. Wong? Now, as much as I love B.D. Wong (and you'd be B.D. Wrong to think otherwise), what the world craved was Jeff Goldblum...and Jurassic World gave us Bryce Dallas Howard in high heels and Chris Pratt doing his best Harrison Ford impression instead.

Independence Day Resurgence though? From all the info that's available, it appears that Jeff Goldblum is the main character this time around. Not a small cameo or a nod to the original, but the most integral member of the cast. Whatever happens with this movie, at the very least it's giving the world one more glorious Jeff Goldblum performance.


2. Bill Pullman becoming the Randy Quaid-esque crazy person with a connection to the aliens is BRILLIANT


Here's the problem with bringing Bill Pullman back for an Independence Day sequel - he can't still be president. Unless President Whitmore abolished term limits and declared himself Dictator-For-Life (which I would be totally onboard with, by the way), he would have been long out of office by now. And since his entire role in the original film was built around him being the leader of the free world, what could he bring to the table in a sequel?

Plus, there's another problem: Randy Quaid's character died a glorious kamikaze death in the original, and someone needs to take the place of "crazy bearded dude with a bizarre connection to the aliens."

And that's where this movie made its most brilliant move - placing former President James Whitmore as a wild-eyed, bushy-bearded crazy dude who cannot forget his brief psychic connection to the aliens. Hats off to Roland Emmerich on this one.


3. I just remembered Brent Spiner is back as Dr. Okun somehow and OH MY GOD HELL YES


Sure - he might just appear in a flashback or a dream sequence or something like that, but part of me is hoping Okun somehow survived being choked and controlled by the alien lifeform in the bunker of Area 51 in the first film and is back, getting super-pumped that aliens are destroying all of Earth's most popular landmarks.


4. Holy shit, there's an action sequence on the Moon


The Moon played a minor but important role in the first film, shaking under the weight of the enormous alien mothership above - and now? JEFF GOLDBLUM AND LIAM HEMSWORTH ARE ASTRONAUTS HAVING MOON-ADVENTURES.




The original Independence Day was about a lot of things (dogs escaping fire-tunnels, dolphin-rings, punching aliens in the face as a way to welcome them to the planet), but it was primarily about SCALE and BADASS-IMAGERY. And Independence Day: Resurgence has that in droves. How do you outdo stuff like this?






6. That Bill Pullman speech voiceover that cuts out right before "Independence Day" is perfect


It's super-cliched and we've all heard it a thousand times, but it works so well here - especially cutting out right before he actually says "Independence Day." That simple editing trick says everything about the movie - how the hope of a simple victory from the first film was naivety, and how it was simply the prelude to something much worse and more ominous.


7. Thank god it's not called "Independence Day 2"


Because then the abbreviation would be ID4-2, which would be stupid as hell.


8. It doesn't star Jaden Smith as Will Smith's kid


Nope, that honor goes to Jessie Usher, who I don't know from anything, but seems to be extremely not-Jaden Smith.

Also, it looks like Will Smith got Poochie'd off-screen.



Oh well. At least we got Goldblum.