In case you haven't spent the last 3 weeks playing Fallout 4 in lieu of sleep, food and friends, meet Nick Valentine!


He's a synth P.I. who has the consciousness of a detective from before the war. He's a potential companion. He's also a heartbreaker (if you can't tell by his name). Here are the reasons why you should love Nick Valentine if you don't already:


1. His design is just plain cool

nick valentine

by evilwvergil


2. He's already inspired SO MUCH amazing fan art.

nick valentine


by maXKennedy


nick valentine

by coupleofkooks


nick valentine

by tinybirdfriend



3. He's full of wisecracks

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4. He can break your heart with just a few words

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5. He reminds us of old time-y detectives

nick valentine

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6. He would make a great pulp hero

nick valentine

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7. Or lead actor in a Hollywood blockbuster

nick valentine

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8. He's already inspired excellent cosplays

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9. Because he's so darn handsome and loveable

nick valentine cosplay

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10. Too bad, he's taken...

nick valentine cosplay

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11. That's right, fans have already shipped him with Hancock

nick valentine

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12. Because underneath that tough, cold exterior, you just know he's secretly a big softie

nick valentine

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