9. The Double Sensation Pizza Within a Pizza (Pizza Hut Singapore)

double sensation

Wasn't sure which outdated meme to quote for this one, but I'm sick of "Inception" jokes so let's go with:

"Yo dawg, I heard you like pizza. So we put a pizza in your pizza. So you can eat pizza while you eat pizza!"


10. Royal Crown Cheeseburger Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut, Germany)

germany pizza hut
photo via Jens Matheuszik

When you can't decide whether you want a disappointing hamburger or a mediocre pizza, now you can have both! 


11. Four n' Twenty, The Pie-Stuffed Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut Australia)

pizza hut meat pie

The Australian meat pie is one of the best comfort foods in the world. Cheap, hot, and filling, it's as familiar as a hot dog at a baseball game. Yes they baked them into the crust and that's overkill, but can we talk about the loveless dogpile of meat in the center? Dear Lord, it looks like someone just chopped up Noah's Ark and dumped it right in the middle.



12. The Star Christmas Pizza (Pizza Hut Singapore)

star pizza

Celebrate the birth of your savior with this elaborately presented assortment of meats and veggies. Oh and don't worry, the entire crust is made out of tiny hot pockets. 

pizza star


13. Taco Pizza (Pizza Hut Korea)

taco pizza hut pizza

This is a Korean take on an American interpretation of an Italian dish, made to taste like a Mexican staple food. Congratulations, Pizza Hut, you've found a way to physically taste Global Capitalism.