For Americans, the pizza has always been a cheap meal for the average joe. But for the rest of the world fresh pizza was often a rare taste of Western indulgence. That's the reason why in places like Asia and the Middle East, they simply do not mess around. Overloaded with toppings and bowing to local trends, these doughy creations appear strange and nightmarish, yet bizzarely delicious. Here's 15 weird pizzas that you can only eat by leaving the country.


1) Cone Crust Pizza With Cream Cheese and Honey Mustard Chicken (Pizza Hut Middle East)

cone crust 1

There's something so compelling about this buzzsaw-shaped cheese assault. Putting aside the sickening full-dollops of unflavored hot cream cheese, it's amazing that the commercial insists that the "cone" is some magical geometric gateway to happiness:



2. Salmon / Avocado /Mochi / Seaweed Pizza on Bamboo Charcoal Crust (Strawberry Cones, Japan)

mochi seaweed black crust
photo via foodforfel

Already ooked out by the raw salmon and cheese combination, but Strawberry Cones is a Japanese franchise that prides itself on pushing boundaries. The pitch-black crust is achieved with a healthy dash of bamboo charcoal, so maybe they could sell it to Americans as "low-visibility tactical pizza"?


3. "Chizza", The Chicken-Crust Pizza (KFC Philippines)

kfc chizza
photo via clapanuelos

You thought America was breaking decency barriers with the Double Down? No way. The Philippines has us beat. The KFC Chizza is a flat plane of hammered fried chicken breast topped with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, pineapple, and veggies.

Bonus points for hiring the Filipino equivalent of Jason Mraz to sing the best disco cover song about eating chicken pizza:



4.  "Yoguri" the Yogurt and Lemon Pizza (Napoli's Pizza, Japan)

yogurt lemon pizza

Nope. Barf. Gross Forever. HOT YOGURT ON PIZZA. Moving on.