It's been years since the original Mass Effect trilogy came to a close with the divisive Mass Effect 3 - but for fans of the series, even ending on a less-than-stellar note wasn't enough to sour their love for the ME galaxy. And thankfully, BioWare is hard at work on a new game set in the world, albeit sans Commander Shepard, currently titled Mass Effect Andromeda.

While we wait anxiously for the new game, here's some fan art to remind you why we all fell in love with a ragtag group of heroes from all different walks of life, united by their desire to mess with Martin Sheen and fight off a bunch of purple giant space spider-things. 


1. Star Effect by zombiebex




2. Let's Have An Adventure by SuiZ




3. Human Effect by Ectothermic



4. Lego Effect by Either-Art



5. Happy Ending by Therealmcgee